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Jaime and John L
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Dark Skies and the Inspiring Universe

“We will never have all the answers about the universe, but the quest to unravel its mysteries can be our greatest inspiration.” — Tom Vassos

Explore the skies at the edge of the Earth over Fogo Island, Newfoundland with cosmologist-in-residence Tom Vassos alongside Community Hosts that have used the stars to navigate the waters of the North Atlantic for decades. Embrace the initial delightful disorientation of stargazing to reorient yourself to the natural world as you come to know our place in the utterly unknowable universe. Both an accomplished astronomer and author, Tom Vassos will answer our guests’ burning questions and entertain any and all wonderings… how did the planets form, and what is star dust, really? Look up, look out, and look inward; we can’t say whether your skyward findings will be entirely fathomable, but we can paradoxically promise that they will be profoundly grounding.

The Dark Skies and the Inspiring Universe two-night itinerary at Fogo Island Inn includes all meals, an Island Orientation with a Community Host, and a range of outdoor activities, stargazing excursions, and presentations.


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