Did you know: Juneau (Alaska) is accessible only by sea or air!  Cars and trucks are transported to/from Alaska's capital by barge or ferry.

9th Annual "Longest Day" Walk/Run Event

 On June 11, 2017 we staged our 9th annual "Longest Day" Walk/Run event to raise money for Downtown Eastside causes.  This event brings together local people from our travel industry - airline executives, hotel employees, travel insurance account managers, travel agents, etc. - to support this worthy cause.

Each year, local members of the Vancouver area travel industry and friends get together for a fun race to raise money for a downtown eastside charity.   We're very proud of our local travel industry that not only thinks globally, but also locally, and each year gives back to the community in many ways. 

This year we raised a record amount of money, more than double last year's figure, in support of the St. James Music Academy, which feeds, trains, and inspires kids in "Vancouver's poorest postal code." For details, see:  https://longestday.ca .


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