Did you know: Approximately 80% of the Yukon remains wilderness? That means the parks of the Arctic and Northern Yukon region are treasured spots to witness towering peaks, azure-blue lakes, abundant wildlife including grizzlies, moose, Dall sheep, caribou, wolves and many other smaller animals! The territory is also blessed with unique arts and culture that speak to the people who are drawn by the spirit of the north.

Coronavirus Update

"Unprecedented" is one of those words we are all sick of hearing; but that pretty well sums up this worldwide crisis.

As of Sat., Mar. 21, we have successfully repatriated all clients who responded to our early warning to get home.  And with only one exception we successfully got the folks home who had resisted the early warnings from the Prime Minister (and us).  For the past few days, including all weekend, our staff have been sitting hours on hold with airlines to help, for free, non-clients who have been referred to us or who read social media posts tipping them off that we have been helping.  It is a stressful experience, but when we score a victory, very gratifying!

We've always said that "we are here for you," and this is just another crisis that proves how important it is to have a good travel consultant on your side!





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