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Iceland: The do's and don'ts

Interest in Iceland has exploded in the past few years, which had led to a back-lash amongst citizens inside Iceland who do not personally benefit from tourism.  Here's how to make yourself a more welcome guest and minimize your ecological footprint. These are the do's and don'ts for visiting this spectacular and unique place*.  Many of the suggestions apply equally to other popular off-the-beaten track destinations such as the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu.


  • Do: Use good judgement when exploring
  • Do: Take a road trip
  • Don't: Drive off-road
  • Don't: Stop on the road to take pictures
  • Do: Be prepared to change plans
  • Don't: Overschedule your trip
  • Do: Be aware of what the daylight hours will be during your trip
  • Don't: Forget to pack weather appropriate clothing
  • Do: Pack your bathing suit
  • Don't: Forget to take a shower before entering the pools
  • Don't: Wait too long to book accommodation
  • Do: Consider to do a farm stay
  • Do: Spend some time with Icelandic animals
  • Don't: Buy bottled water
  • Don't: Be afraid of the Icelandic cuisine
  • Do: Come prepared for higher prices
  • Don't: Buy touristy souvenirs
  • Do: Be conscious of your impact on Iceland's nature and society
  • Don't: Spend all your time in Reykjavik
  • Do: Stay in smaller towns and get to know the locals.

     *Many tips supplied by www.heyiceland.is  



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