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Keeping you Connected

Ever get to the airport only to learn that your flight has been delayed 12 hours?  And you ask yourself, why couldn't the airline have phoned me?

In fact, there was an era, not that long ago - okay, it was VERY long ago! - when airlines dutifully recorded phone numbers and actually had their employees contact passengers when a flight was delayed or cancelled.  Those were the days!  (They also served free food and gave allowed  you to check two free bags up to 70 lbs each!)

The downside of the Internet where everyone can comparison-shop in seconds is that airlines have become commodities, and as such services have been cut to keep pace with price cutting.  It is a fact that the average airfare today is lower than it was in the 1980's!  And that is without adjusting for inflation.  So, among the things that had to give, along with bags, comfort, and food, is the luxury of the warning telephone call.  Besides, who actually answers a call from from a number you don't recognize anyway?

For many years now, most airlines do offer a free service called "flight alerts."  To benefit from this, you would have to "subscribe" online for each individual flight.  When you do this, the airline will email or text you if their flight is delayed or cancelled.  But, this is a very cumbersome and unreliable approach.  Airlines in most countries (including ours) are restricted in how they can contact you without permission; so something like flight alerts has always been something you have to explicitly request.  Until now.  We now have a procedure with most airlines where we can activate flight alerts for you.

We now automatically, wherever possible, set up a flight alert for every flight we ticket.  Unless we are told otherwise, by default we use your mobile number for text messages.  (Email is the other option.  The third option is to decline the service altogether.)

So, next time you get a 12-hour delay message, thank us for setting it up, but you can still blame the airline for the delay!  



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