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Local Travel Industry's 9th Annual "Longest Day" Walk/Run

In mid-June, The Travel Group joined dozens of other local travel companies for the 9th annual "Longest Day" Walk/Run event to raise money for Vancouver's Downtown Eastside causes.  In many ways, this was our best event ever: great weather, record attendance, and more than double last year's money raised.
This year's cause was: Saint James Music Academy (SJMA).

For those of you who heard Arlene's talk, you know that SJMA is more than just a music school in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. It feeds, inspires, and provides emotional support for children and young people in "Canada's poorest postal code." It is a great privilege to be able to support this tremendous organization.  

Each year, travel agencies, travel insurance companies, local hotels, airlines, and tour companies get together for this event to show our support for our community.  Even though our business focus may be on things abroad, we are very much part of our city.  This event helps reinforce the fact that the local travel industry is an important player in our community, not just economically, but culturally and socially as well.
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