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As you almost certainly know by now, Transport Canada has followed the lead of much of the world and temporarily grounded the 737Max aircraft for any flight operating in Canada or into Canada from a foreign country. This is an aircraft that both Air Canada and Westjet use on some routes.

We have reviewed all reservations that potentially could have been effected within the next three weeks; and have contacted our clients to either help make alternative arrangements or to confirm that they are not booked on a 737Max aircraft. If you have an upcoming reservation, particularly on Air Canada or Westjet, and have not yet heard from us, please contact your travel consultant to have this checked.

So far there has been little disruption to our clients. In most cases, the airlines have seamlessly switched to other aircraft without altering schedules. Westjet reports that 92% of its flights are operating as usual.

We will continue to monitor for issues and provide assistance to anyone who is effected by this development.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Best regards,

David Elmy



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