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Not All Elephant Rides the Same

Most of us know about the controversial elephant rides in Thailand and several other countries.  Many elephant-riding parks are notorious for using poached elephants and practicing animal cruelty.  That is why when one of our clients requests a booking, we are very careful which site we recommend.

Recently, it turns out that even some of the well-regarded sites, ones that use only rescue elephants and claim to follow humane practices still engage in very controversial training methods.  At issue are the cruel methods used to make the elephants submissive.  See video here. [Warning: some people may find this disturbing.]

With this new information in mind, The Travel Group has tightened even further its list of recommended sites specializing in elephant rides.  This can be a once in a lifetime experience, and it does not necessarily have to support, even indirectly, cruel behind-the-scenes treatment of these beautiful, intelligent animals.  If you plan to book an elephant ride, please contact our specialist, Michele, who will ensure you AND the elephant have a pleasant and safe experience.


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