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Possible Westjet strike: May, 2018

Today [May 10, 2018], Westjet pilots voted in favour of strike action.


What this actually means is unknown: it could be a full-scale strike, a series of rotating strikes, or  just random strikes.

At this time, Westjet has not yet released a statement, so it is also unknown whether then would attempt to run partial service (using management pilots) or shut down service during the strike.


Pilots have promised not to take any action at least until May 22 (ie. after the Victoria Day long weekend.)


This means there is still a very good chance of a settlement preventing any disruption.


You have received this email because we have identified that you are flying Westjet in the next few months and we would like

to share things we know from experience with these matters:


1.  There is a good chance that a settlement will be reached before the potential date of a strike, or that talks will make enough progress to delay strike action indefinitely.


2.  In all past airline strikes other airlines have accepted the tickets of the striking airline at face value.  The results were often inconvenient, but at least passengers got to where they needed to go.  Air Canada has issued a vaguely-worded statement that seems to support their intention to help any Westjet passengers effected by a strike.


3.  In addition to allowing passengers to rebook, free of charge, onto other airlines when a flight has been cancelled due to a strike, typically airlines will also allow for full refunds or will waive change fees for future travel.


4.  We have appended your emergency contact (cell phone or email address) to your upcoming Westjet booking so that the airline will be able to send you updates on your flight.


5.  We will monitor EVERY Westjet booking and deal promptly with any reservation effected by a strike.


6.  We will keep you updated on developments.  Please feel free to contact your consultant to discuss the particulars of your trip.


Our company has dealt with 9-11, severe weather disruptions, volcano eruptions, countless strikes, etc.  You name it, we’ve seen it!  This is one of the reasons why a savvy traveller relies on an experienced travel consultant and reputable travel agency.


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