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Some US Airfares Just Became Even More Draconian

Just when you thought airline travel in the USA couldn't get any more unpleasant, the three major airlines - Delta, United, and American - have rolled out there most punishing airfare yet.  It is called "basic economy."

Basic is an understatement!  No advance seat selection.  Period.  In most cases, seats will only be assigned randomly at the airport when you check in.  Obviously, that means middle seat near the toilets.  No checked baggage.  Period.  No normal carry-on luggage, just a small personal item that fits under the seat.  No changes.  No upgrades.  No points or status.  Given you don't get free meals on flights anyway, it seems like the only thing they haven't taken away is the oxygen!

How do you avoid this abomination?  Well, start by always booking with a professional travel consultant.  We have the tools to prevent you from accidentally winding up on this awful product.  Usually the savings will be negligible, so it is obviously something to avoid. 

This is just another example of the old expression, "you get what you pay for!"


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