Did you know: at 1,943 feet, Crater Lake in Southern Oregon is the deepest lake in the United States.


"Our company has a history with owners of The Travel Group that goes back to 1980.  The
secret to their longevity is that they truly care about their clients--both the travellers and the travellers' company.
Our people are very busy, highly-skilled individuals. We want them to focus on the work that they do best.  Using a travel management company like The Travel Group allows us to do our job and leave the travel arrangements to the professionals. This saves us money, boosts productivity, bails us out in times of crisis (eg. bad weather, 9-11, etc.), and eliminates many costly errors in travel-planning.
Our account manager, Michele, has hands-on involvement in managing our travel.  She pays great attention to the issue of our employees'  well-being, which I greatly appreciate, but also always looks after our company's best interests."  
Alex B, VP, Software Company

We just finished a 3 week trip to southern Africa...

I wanted to give a monster shout out to Michele.  Michele pointed this trip out of us, researched questions for us, booked the camping trip and flights for us, and handled a mess of paper work.

The trip was stunning!  Word fail completely.

If Michele gives you some travel advice, my friends, take it.

John E.
October 13, 2017