Did you know: 80% of Australia’s population lives within 100miles of the coastline.

Heena Parmar
Travel Consultant

Phone Number: (604) 605-5187

Bio: Originally from Toronto, Heena has called Vancouver her home since 2005. She discovered early on that she had a passion for helping others; this has led her to volunteer for a number of charitable organizations, including The Vanisha Foundation, which helps to provide medical services, equipment and treatment to children in need. Heena has held a number of roles in the local hospitality industry and holds a diploma in Hospitality and Business Management from Vancouver Community College. Heena is looking forward to learning more about the travel industry and helping clients with their travel needs.

Hobbies: Heena enjoys cooking, reading, and loves to express her creativity through decorating, and make-up artistry. Of course she loves to travel!

Expertise: Heena is organized and a good listener. She also has a flair for planning events, and loves to come up with fun ways to celebrate milestones with family and friends.

Favourite destination: Waitomo Caves in New Zealand is spectacular. The ceiling of the cave is covered with glow worms and it resembles a beautiful starry night. Take a boat ride into the cave, it is a very serene experience.

Travel Tip: Buy a money belt and wear it inside your clothing to safeguard your passport, credit cards and cash. When packing, place fragile items rolled up in clothes to maximize space and provide some cushion.



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