The trip went so smoothly and we know that was because you had taken care of so many details. ...
Colin and Amelia M
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We travel to the Mayan Riviera most years for our winter vacation. In 2015 we explored a little further away.

Hiring a driver and guide we were off to Valladolid, a small colonial city about 2 hours away. The London Times calls the market one of best in the world.  

The Municipal Market is filled with ventors selling authentic Mexican meats. They are run by men in butcher aprons, cowboy hats and moustaches. The vegetable market with elderly Mayan women as the main proprietors. Possibly husband and wife on either side of the meat/produce division, tending to their respective talents.

The women organize their vegetables, fruits and spices. Watching as you pass by, pointing out their colourful displays. The men work with cleavers and their hands. Behind them, signs identifying their specialty and name. "Ask for Tony, ask for Luis." Ruben and Manuel looked to not only bethe most applied in their work, but had the best cuts and variety.

~ Sue  .


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