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Do you think it is the best burger in the world

Fergburger is stated to be the home of some of the best burgers in the world.

This New Zealand eatery opened in 2001 in a tucked-away alley called Cow Lane, but its popularity propelled a move to a bigger space on Queenstown’s busiest thoroughfare in 2005. It expanded again in 2011 with an adjacent bakery (Fergbaker), which turns out handmade buns.
Menu Options, just to name a few
Chief Wiggum: Slow roasted New Zealand pork belly.
Holier than Thou: Tempured tofu with spicy satay, coconut and coriander sauce.
Little Lamby: a prime New Zealand lamb burger with a tomato relish and mint jelly.
Sweet Bambi: Wild Fiordland Deer with a Thai plum chutney.
Big Al: two beef patties, bacon, cheese, two fried eggs and aioli. Tomato, relish, lettuce and beetroot.
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