Did you know: the island of Kauai (Hawaiian islands) is the backdrop for more than 60 movies from Raiders of the Lost Ark to Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Carmen Pahl
Account Manager

Phone Number: (604) 605-5192

Expertise: Europe and Caribbean.

Bio: Another Albertan (they're everywhere!), Carmen moved to BC in 1987; and started in the travel business in 1997. She "wanted a job working with people where your day was not set and you never knew what the next thing on your plate was." Well, if she wanted a job that is unpredictable and challenging, she sure chose well!

Carmen focuses on corporate travel management, and has a specialty in Indigenous travel and tourism.

Places Visited: London, Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, Stuttgart, Prague, Bora Bora, Spain, Sydney (and east coast of Australia), Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bali, Turks & Caicos, Nassau, Columbus Isle, lots of USA.

Favourite place: Paris: sites, sounds, and people.

Hobbies: Photography, life guard, reading, and crafts.

Travel tip: Pack the small staples of travel-batteries, film, suntan lotion, Tylenol, Imodium, a good book, etc-things that can be hard to find, costly, or not the brand you like in a foreign country. Also, bring local currency in small denominations for tips and small purchases so you're not running into small-change issues when you first arrive.


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