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Conscious Tourism: Part 1

The pandemic will be doing more than changing our lives, it will change our travel patterns forever.  Let's hope that's true, at least.

This is the first in a series of articles I am writing on the subject of positive ways travel may change due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  As I write this, we are on month #11 of the almost complete shut-down of the world tourism industry.  As devastating as this crisis has been on the travel and tourism business, it can be viewed as an opportunity for a "reboot." It has given industry leaders and travellers alike the opportunity to re-evaluate their habits and values with respect to the choices we make when we travel - on business and pleasure.

One issue that hasn't disappeared during the pandemic is Climate and the Environment.  Although carbon emissions have temporarily slowed down during this year of shut-downs and slow-downs, Climate Change is very much still with us; and I do not think the momentum in change in public opinion has been interrupted.  More and more people are conscious of the impact their day to day behaviour has on our world.  That awareness will continue to grow.  One consequence of this "reboot" may be that travel consumers are going to demand evidence that travel companies such as airlines, cruise lines, and hotels are onboard with taking steps to lessen their carbon footprint.  For change to happen in business practices, it does not take 100%, or 50%, or even 25% of consumers to demand it.  Studies have shown that as little as a 10% shift in consumer preferences will engineer wholesale change in businesses catering to those customers.  Let's hope that enough post-pandemic consumers demand positive changes that will make our world better!


~ David, President
The Travel Group

Posted February 2021 


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