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Corporate Culture 1: And Managing Your People's Travel with Care

This is the first of an ongoing series of stories where we will explore corporate culture, particularly as it relates to travel.  We'll look at how various companies we support look after their employees and their unique policies and philosophies.  We are particularly interested, of course, in how they deal with their employees' needs when they travel.

One of the most memorable compliments I’ve ever received from a client about our travel agency was this: “The single most valuable thing The Travel Group does for us is reinforce our corporate values.”  He was referring to was referring to how diligent our agents are at learning and tactfully enforcing his company's unique policies and values. Specifically, he appreciated how we were able to train each new employee of his on how to pay attention to costs, and not just the obvious things.  For instance, if we noted the traveler tended to book trips early, then be forced to make costly changes, we would tactfully suggest we take a different approach to future trips.  Our agents are happy to plan out a business trip in such a way that the client can postpone committing to the flights prematurely.  Similarly, if a ticket is pricing far about normal levels, our agent might, for some companies, ask the traveler if this trip had to go as planned, or was it possible to reschedule on cheaper dates.  In extreme cases, good Travel Management Companies (TMCs) will have protocols in place to get out-of-the-norm costs approved by a supervisor. 
Another value we provide is respecting our clients "duty to care."  If, of instance, a traveler asks about a cheap, but risky connection, say, at the end of the day; we will typically warn the traveler of the risks for being stranded over-night in the connecting city.  On the other hand, our consultant might see a flight that is cheaper than the rest, but make a judgment call that this flight isn’t appropriate for the traveller due to his/her company’s  expectations that we protect their employees from risky choices.
Many things a travel management company (TMC) do for clients are not quantifiable. Reinforcement of the client’s corporate values is one of those things. And not something to be under-estimated!


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