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Fake Reviews Affect $21B In Consumer Spending

As if you didn't have enough reasons to work with a trusted travel advisor, here's another reason.  A lot of people are being misled by "fake reviews" in  rating sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google, etc.   

According to a study by CHEQ and University of Baltimore, called "The Economic Cost of Bad Actors on the Internet: Fake Online Reviews 2021,"  for than $21B in consumer spending is swayed by fake reviews by bad players and bots.  Why does this happen?  In many cases, companies pay underground influencers to trash the competition and talk-up their company.

Reportedly, 89% of consumers rely on consumer reviews, which affects $4 trillion in online spending.  Of this, about 4%, or $21 billion, has been swayed by fake reviews.

Do travel consultants also read online reviews?  Yes we do.  The difference, though, between a professional travel consultant and a typical consumer is (a) we have many other tools at our disposal to cross-check facts and ratings, (b) we have massive experience sorting through anecdotal information, and are able to detect the far-fetched and unreliable reviews, and (c) when in doubt we verify the complaint or praise first-hand.  If for instance a fake review says the room was "tired" and unrenovated, it is an easy thing to check our sources  to see when the last complete renovation happened at that hotel.  

The other reason to rely on an experienced, trusted travel advisor is that they are working with clients like you.  Typically clients with similar tastes and standards gravitate to the same kind of advisor.  If past clients give a hotel positive reviews, that is more compelling than the online reviews of dubious and anonymous contributors.  


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