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Going Places: Travel in 2021-22

 Going Places!


Some of our clients are asking if people are travelling again.  Surprisingly, more people are flying places than you might expect – albeit mostly within Canada.  Few are flying for the fun of it – mostly people are travelling on essential business or for urgent friends-and-family issues.  That being said, many savvy travellers are taking advantage of future deals and the temporary relaxed change/cancellation policies of most travel suppliers.  


One of our consultants just gave us the “heads up” on some “Cyber Monday” specials.  G Adventures, for example, is offering 21% off and $1 deposits!


Another concern that is motivating clients to start booking is the worry that the best travel options will sell out early.  Regent Cruises, for instance, had its busiest day on record last week when it launched it’s 2022 program!


We thought it might be fun to survey our consultants to see what our clients are up to.  As you will see, people are booking Christmas, and have deposits on trips right into 2022!  Here are some of the trips we have on the books:


·         Baltic & Russia tour (2021)

·         Costa Rica (2021)

·         New Zealand (2021)

·         Tahiti (three separate bookings for 2021!)

·         Round-the-world cruise (2023)

·         Egypt (2021)

·         Athens > Lisbon cruise (2022)

·         Guadalajara (2021)

·         Europe river cruises (2021)

·         Spain (2021)

·         Transat cruise (2021)

·         Air Canada JETZ to Sun destinations (Xmas 2020)

·         Scotland (2021)

·         Australia cruise and tour (2022)

·         Bali cruise and tour (2022)

·         UK Garden Tour (2021)

·         Mexico beach vacations (Xmas & Spring Break)

·         Trans-Canal Cruise (2022)

·         Peru (2021)

·         Iceland (Summer, 2021)

·         Malta & Sardinia (Spring, 2021)

·         Istanbul (2021)


For upcoming Christmas and Spring Break holidays, Mexico is the clear winner for our clients.  It’s close, it’s open, and bookings are flexible in case you have to change plans at the last minute.  In fact, the “book with confidence” policies of most airlines, tour companies, and cruise lines has worked as intended to inspire the more intrepid travellers to book early while prices are low and cost to cancel or change the reservation minimal.


Here are some take-aways from our survey:


1.       In cases where changes are free it is a “no-brainer.”  Book now while prices and airfares are low.  They will be increasing.


2.       A common theme from clients is they see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity go to a destination that would normally be over-run with tourists in the peak season.  There will probably never be a better time to, say, view polar bears in Churchill, or see Machu Picchu without the usual hordes!


3.       Some clients admit they like being seen as a “trailblazer;” while others tell us it is simple “cabin fever” is driving them to plan an exciting trip in the future.


4.       A lot of hope has been placed on the prospect of a COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out in early 2021; but the worry is that we delay planning a 2021/22 trip too long, all the choice spots and offerings will be sold out!  For the next few years consensus in in our industry is that demand will out-pace supply.    


Since March, our consultants have been taking advantage of the slow-down to focus on education and specialization.  When you re-engage with your favourite travel consultant in upcoming days we think you’ll be impressed with their new knowledge and skills.   


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