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How to Score a Business Class Seat on Airline Points

Everyone "knows" you can't really get a business class ticket on airline points, right?

Wrong.  Clients of The Travel Group can, and do.  Here's how.

First of all, here's the back story.  Although credit card rewards programs make a convincing pitch - fly any airline, any time, anywhere - there is one important caveat.  Credit card rewards programs are based on a 1 to 2 cent per mile formula.  That's fine for economy class travel, but be prepared to dish out a million points for an international business class ticket.  That's the number of points you'd have earned by charging up $1 million on your credit card!

Airline points programs, on the other hand, do offer business class travel for a few more points than economy class.  For example, Aeroplan's award level for economy class to/from northern Europe is 60,000 points, and for business class, it is 110,000 points.  Not a million!

The challenge, however, and the issue that makes your typical airline points person very cynical, is actually scoring a business class ticket.  They are rare commodities.  Generally, an international airline will release two business class seats for points travel 10- or 11- months in advance.  Then, based on complex algorithms, an airline will release a few more, say, 2 to 4, depending on the cabin size, season, demand, and historical booking patterns, at some point later on.   Given you will not be the only person chasing the elusive business class seat, as you can imagine these things get snapped up almost as soon as they are released.

So, what's a frequent-flyer to do?  Well, fortunate for The Travel Group clients, we have a specialized service for monitoring daily for points seats.  For $134 per person, our points team will monitor daily, Mon - Fri, for as long as it takes to find you the "perfect" business class itinerary.  This is a service, unique in our industry, that we have been refining for 18 years.  Our points pros know all the ins and outs, and will give you the edge over the ordinary consumer.  So, when your friends complain that they can never use their airline seats; just smile to yourself and be grateful you have the inside track on success!


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