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The Things We Do For Love

 To hijack a popular phrase, behind every successful traveller is a travel consultant.  Busy people need a professional not just for guidance in travel choices, but to sort out all the complications during and after the trip.  Those are "the things we do for love" at The Travel Group.

We treasure our clients - some of whom we have been fortunate enough to work with our whole career; and many we are working with into their retirement.  When the pandemic hit, we spent the first few months working on refunds, insurance claims, and sorting out future travel credits.  It was an extremely emotional and challenging time for our consultants, but they did it without complaint and without compensation from our clients or our suppliers.  We did it for the love of our job, in other words, and our loyalty to our clients.

The following year, 2021, Air Canada and other airlines finally approved refunds for the trips cancelled during the COVID-19 era; and this too became a highly technical, time-consuming job, without reward.  Again, our agents rose to the challenge without complaint and processed thousands of refunds - airline and tour company.  Our administration team then took over and conducted a thorough audit of every possible booking that might be eligible for late refund that we might have missed.  I am reminded of all this because our administration manager, Laura, is now in the process of a final audit of all Westjet tickets issue in 2019-21 that might have slipped through the cracks and are eligible for refund.  She cheerfully volunteered for this thankless and tedious job!  That is testiment to the commitment and obsession with excellence that I see daily with our tremendous staff and associates.

David Elmy


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