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Whale Sharks of the Sea of Cortez

An Invitation - Whale Sharks of the Sea of Cortez

In May of this year, Panterra Eco Expeditions offered a whale shark research trip with Dr. Deni Ramirez Macias. What we didn’t know was that the trip was going to change our lives. It was truly a trip of a lifetime for all of us onboard.

We have managed to capture this experience with photographs and would like to share it with you. Panterra Facebook Photo Album of the trip.

The Invitation

As we close out an amazing year of expeditions we would like to celebrate with a trip similar to the one described above. We also wanted to celebrate the Baja, our crew, Deni and the whale sharks. It was a spectacular year of new explorations!

You are invited to join Deni and Panterra Eco Expeditions for a 5 day natural history, adventure travel, whale shark research expedition. During this time we will be assisting Deni with her research on juvenile whale sharks, as well as exploring the islands and area of La Paz, the southern Sea of Cortez.

One of the wonderful parts of the trip is that you don’t have to be an extreme snorkeler or have huge experience in aquatic sports. The whale sharks are found in shallow water, feeding or moving through the water at a relaxed pace. Not one ounce of it is dangerous. The whale sharks are filter feeders. They have no teeth and are not aggressive in the least. We are not chasing them, nor have to be speed swimmers. It is all about blending scientific research with quality ecotourism that makes a difference in the conservation of these gentle giants of the sea. All you need for experience is to be able to snorkel comfortably and confidently. Deni and the whale sharks will do the rest in making the experience a memory of a lifetime.

The expedition is scheduled for November 5 - 9, 2014. Expedition brochure. At a low cost of $1495.00.

All inclusive! You simply have to arrive at the Cabo or La Paz airports on the 5th of November and we'll take care of the rest! This is a non-dive expedition onboard our 110” ship the “MV Adventure”. Ship information.

The trip is open to 12 participants plus support staff and crew.

For more information or to book your spot contact:
Gail Nygren at 1-800-665-6545 or at gailn@travelg.com