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Michele Joel, Account Manager
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Written to President & CEO of Doctors of BC


I am compelled to write and tell you of my recent return, under duress, from Phoenix Arizona on March 21st and how it was facilitated by the Doctors of BC and The Travel Group.

My husband and I left for Phoenix on March 5 (before travel advisories) and had ret‎urn tickets on Westjet for March 23. On the night of March 15 we discovered via a friend and by reading the CBC news, that Westjet was suspending all international flights after March 22. The next day was spent trying to reach Westjet by phone and email to no avail. We also attempted to book flights home ourselves on another airline but although it took the Visa number as payment no electronic tickets were issued. We could not resolve this even with a trip to the airport- the system was overwhelmed!

The next day I called the Doctors of BC and told them who I was and that I was stranded in Phoenix and needed the number of a travel agent in Vancouver. Without missing a beat the receptionist spoke with someone and gave me The Travel Group's number. I called and spoke with Annie Smits and within an hour or so we were booked had tickets paid for seats selected - we were much relieved to say the least!

I would like to thank the receptionist who was so "receptive " and the Dr's of BC for being there when I needed them! I also want to thank and laud praises to Annie who was just terrific - and so good humored at such a difficult time. (I do not ‎have the manager of Travel Group 's email or I would include them also, so Annie gets the credit she deserves) please pass this on!

Thank you again!
Christine Wilson MD

Christine Wilson, MD, Doctors of BC

HMU really appreciates all your help and diligence with everything Tara!! You did an amazing job coming in under the gun and we're so happy with your services. HMU will certainly remember how excellent the Travel Group performed for us.

Corey F.
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I have worked at The Travel Group since 1997 and can’t even think of working anywhere else. They say that to advance in life you should change your job every 5-10 years, but where would I go that has the same family feeling and  the same great people who care about each other and who can laugh together as much as these at The Travel Group? Each day brings new challenges and adventure in this industry and working for a company that has staff that pitches in and works together has been a great benefit to me and an even better benefit to my great clients.

Michele Joel, Account Manager
March 4, 2010
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After working for a few years in other travel agencies I discovered The Travel Group. That was 21 years ago, and I have never regretted joining this terrific group of travel agents. I think The Travel Group's secret to success is its great people and the fact that the company creates a fun, nurturing environment to work in. We all work here as a team where everyone generously shares their knowledge and expertise. We help out with each other's clients, and none of us ever feel like we are on our own. I always feel comfortable and appreciated at The Travel Group. It is a great place to work.

For those of you just thinking of entering this profession, let me say that I travelled around the world before deciding to become a travel agent. It has been the perfect job for me. If you love people and love to travel, consider a career in this business.

Annie Smits, Account Manager
March 10, 2010

So much respect - and empathy - for what you are having to endure. We always appreciated your service but that is time 1000 now!!

Pamela F.
July 17, 2022