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The trip was wonderful. Tahiti is such a beautiful place! It was really the perfect place to go for a honeymoon! 
We were so happy  we decided to stay in the overwater bungalows the whole time  The water in Moorea was incredible - it was like our very own giant aquarium! We saw fish that I didn't even know existed - everything from Titan Triggerfish to puffer fish, all kinds of rays and sharks - it was amazing.  The hotel room at the Hilton in Moorea was beautiful - we were blown away! 
Our flight to Bora Bora, and all the transfers went great. I'm so glad we had all the vouchers, and instructions - really made everything very clear and easy!  Bora Bora was also absolutely incredible!! What an amazing place! The staff at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui were really great - very good service. 

Bloody Marys  was EXCELLENT! Such a fun place - I could have eaten there every night!  

Overall, the trip was wonderful. I think we should quit our jobs here, and go work at a hotel bar in Bora Bora forever.
Thank you SO MUCH for all the work you did organizing the trip for us - it made it so easy and smooth for us! 
Tiff & Andrew
October 27, 2010