Did you know: One half of our employees were born outside of Canada and the USA.


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Drop by to see us, or give us a call any time.   Our people are a fun, friendly bunch, each with their own expertise.  We've got the right people for all your travel needs!

The Travel Group
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Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 2M6

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Name Phone Email Profile
Annie Smits (604) 605-5178 annies@travelg.com View profile
Cathy Moore (604) 681-6345 cathym@travelg.com View profile
Cindy Horton, CTC, MCC (604) 681-6345 cindy@trvlconcepts.com View profile
Colleen Maxwell (604) 681-6345 colleenm@travelg.com View profile
David Elmy (604) 605-5175 davide@travelg.com View profile
David Powell (604) 681-6345 david@trvlconcepts.com View profile
Debbie Gambling (604) 681-6345 debbie@travelg.com View profile
Ellie Hender, CTC, MCC (604) 681-6345 ellie@travelg.com View profile
Fernanda Marie Renteria (604) 605-5179 marie@travelg.com View profile
Grace Ho grace@travelg.com View profile
Hanne Sorensen (604) 681-6345 hanne@travelg.com View profile
Jenny Karmali (604) 681-6345 jenny@trvlconcepts.com View profile
Julia Guest, CTC (604) 681-6345 juliag@travelg.com View profile
Julie Unruh (604) 681-6345 julie@trvlconcepts.com View profile
Karin Dyck (604) 681-6345 karind@travelg.com View profile
Laura Mezzacapo (604) 681-6345 lauram@travelg.com View profile
Martha Williams (604) 605-5183 marthaw@travelg.com View profile
Mason Scarfo (604) 605-5190 mason@travelg.com View profile
McKenzie McMillan (604) 605-5180 mckenziem@travelg.com View profile
Naomi DeKock (604) 605-5191 naomid@travelg.com View profile
Pamela Rose (604) 681-6345 pamela@travelg.com View profile
Ron Booiman (604) 575-7788 ron@travelwithron.ca View profile
Shirley Jackman (604) 230-2427 shirley@travelg.com View profile
Tara Matilda (604) 605-5188 tara@travelg.com View profile