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Business Travel

THE TRAVEL GROUP opened as a corporate travel agency in 1987. Since then we have grown and now offer an array of travel services; but we like to think we have never lost our focus on the unique demands of the business traveller.   We know how crucial it is to have all the details of your trip go smoothly, so that you can concentrate on what you do best.  Our expert agents, with years of experience behind them, make sure that even the smallest details -- your express numbers, your seat preferences, the right room in the right hotel, etc. -- are arranged reliably.  Excelling in business travel involves paying attention and caring about what you really want from each trip.

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"I have been working successfully & in good humour with The Travel Group & their predecessors for over 20 years. They have worked well for me with everything from very volatile business travel, to pre-programmed vacation tours worldwide. I commend them for their enthusiasm, efficiency & courteous response over the years."

Rodney M, President, Insurance Adjuster Firm
February 19, 2010