Did you know: The city name "Canberra" means "Meeting Place"

About Us


Our Story

THE TRAVEL GROUP came into being in 1987 with the vision of three women and one man that the way to create great customer service was to start from the ground up and focus on our customer service agents.  We believed that if you empower your employees and treat them with respect your company will be rewarded with people who are motivated to put their clients first as well!   This Golden Rule is, we think, the secret to our many years of success.

In 2020, while the world went into deep freeze due to the pandemic, something great happened: two amazing travel agencies – THE TRAVEL GROUP and INFINITY TRAVEL CONCEPTS - joined forces with the goal of providing their clients with even more choice and expertise.  THE TRAVEL GROUP has a reputation for its outstanding corporate travel management services, as well as very specialized leisure travel expertise.  INFINITY TRAVEL CONCEPTS has been renown for its expertise in luxury cruising, exotic & adventure travel, and women-only tours.  We now boast one of BC’s most experienced and comprehensive travel agencies, with specialists in every imaginable area of travel.

All of our business comes from referrals from our clients.  We do not solicit business or advertise.  Our consultants average of 21 years of experience, and are continuously upgrading their skills and knowledge through education and on-site inspections.  We are very proud of our bright, fun, dedicated staff; and we believe that it is our people that make us different from the average travel agency.

Originally conceived as a "corporate" travel agency, now over 65% of our business is vacation travel.  Check out our Vacation section or looking for something Extraordinary?



Corporate Responsibility

At The Travel Group, we believe that charity starts at home - which means supporting local causes and service organizations.

Our People

annie's picture

Annie Smits

: Account Manager, Tahiti Tiare Specialist (See full profile)
How many travel agents are going to phone you up and sing "Happy Birthday" - in tune and with a grand finale!
cathy's picture

Cathy Moore

: General Manager (See full profile)
A founding member of The Travel Group, Cathy Moore believes that Newfoundlanders are the greatest travellers.
cindy's picture

Cindy Horton, CTC, MCC

: Senior Travel Consultant (See full profile)
Planning thoughtfully crafted trips with personalized attention to detail is a privilege for which she is still grateful every day. Clients become friends, and friends become clients.
colleen's picture

Colleen Maxwell

: Communications Manager (See full profile)
Sometimes when you call in, Colleen's friendly voice will be the first thing you hear. Besides being an awesome receptionist, she wears many hats, and is the VP of Fun Stuff!
david's picture

David Elmy

: President (See full profile)
David still misses his original career as a travel consultant, so occasionally dabbles in an intriguing reservation from time to time, "just to keep from getting rusty!"
davidp's picture

David Powell

: Senior Travel Consultant (See full profile)
David is an avid music fan and collector, a keen photographer; loves to cook (and drink wine!) and greatly enjoy his travels.
debbie's picture

Debbie Gambling

: Travel Consultant (See full profile)
Strapping on a backpack and going walkabout through Europe and North America, Debbie finally settled in Vancouver. She loves to explore new and diverse cultures and land of all passions. Visiting the Galapagos Islands, Trinidad at Mardi Gras, skiing the Matterhorn and even family reunions in Fiji, New Zealand or the Panama.
ellie's picture

Ellie Hender, CTC, MCC

: Partner (See full profile)
Ellie says: “I've been so fortunate to travel the world as part of my job. There are so many places I’d like to go back to, but until I’ve seen the rest of the world, I can’t justify a return visit.
marie's picture

Fernanda Marie Renteria

: Travel Consultant (See full profile)
Born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Fernanda first visited Vancouver in 2017, falling in love with the city she made the move to call Vancouver home in 2021.
grace's picture

Grace Ho

: Account Manager (See full profile)
Some folks phone Grace just to listen to her charming South African accent!
hanne's picture

Hanne Sorensen

: Travel Consultant (See full profile)
You’ll appreciate Hanne’s attention to detail and passion for people - this comes across on every booking, whether a trek through Peru or a cruise vacation.
jenny's picture

Jenny Karmali

: Senior Travel Consultant (See full profile)
A world traveler herself, Jenny’s favourite places are India where she revels in the warmth and diversity of the people, and Turkey where the Islamic architecture and boutique style hotels remind her of her background.
julia's picture

Julia Guest, CTC

: Senior Travel Consultant (See full profile)
Her love of India led her to host a garden tour to India which covered the country from south to north. She has designed and taken our Women With Wings garden trips to England which have included the Chelsea Flower Show and a tour by river boat to Belgium & Holland at ‘Tulip Time’ included private garden visits.
julie's picture

Julie Unruh

: Travel Consultant (See full profile)
Julie loves a good book, do you have a great one to suggest?
karin's picture

Karin Dyck

: Travel Consultant (See full profile)
Karin has worked in various aspects of the travel industry for more than 20 years. She has been a full-time travel consultant, as well as working in sales and education for our industry's preeminent reservation system.
laura's picture

Laura Mezzacapo

: Accounting Manager (See full profile)
Besides sporting the coolest last name (Italian, by marriage), our Laura is the gal every client should get to know. She co-manages the office, and can find out any detail about your account you may need to know.
martha's picture

Martha Williams

: Corporate & Vacation Travel, CTC (See full profile)
Working in travel since 1974, Martha has built a large, solid clientele who rely on her to manage their business trips and consult on their vacation plans.
mason's picture

Mason Scarfo

: Travel Consultant (See full profile)
coming soon
mckenzie's picture

McKenzie McMillan

: Travel Consultant (See full profile)
Over the past 10 years, McKenzie has been immersed in the travel industry, working as both a Travel Consultant and with an airline. And now he is a member of our team!
naomi's picture

Naomi DeKock

: Senior Vacation Consultant (See full profile)
Her vacation expertise is particularly well known because of her extensive knowledge of South and East Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico and Europe.
pamela's picture

Pamela Rose

: Travel Consultant (See full profile)
Stay tuned.
ron's picture

Ron Booiman

: ron@travelwithron.ca (See full profile)
Ron takes care of each and every detail including all the tour highlights while embracing the local culture, history, read more.
shirley's picture

Shirley Jackman

: Travel Consultant (See full profile)
Shirley is a partner in The Travel Group. She has been in the travel industry since 1981; and has traveled extensively. Originally from Newfoundland, she has made Vancouver her home.
tara's picture

Tara Matilda

: Travel Consultant (See full profile)
One of those rare travel agents gifted in both vacation and corporate travel, Tara is referred to as a "gem" by her many clients.