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Jaime and John L
New Zealand
by The Travel Group
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Happy feet

The best day ever !

I got to get up close and personal with the rare yellow eyed penguins (the rarest in the world) on the Otago Peninsula on the South Island of New Zealand.

Parking at the top of a steep hill, and walked about a km down to towards the beach. We were so lucky, as a penguin was sitting on the pathway molting. This process takes about 3 weeks, they just sit and molt until they get their new feathers before heading off again.

The penguins come in from their day at sea any time after about 3pm. They waddle in through the waves, up the beach to the grassy areas where they build their nests. They can move pretty quickly, and are completely unafraid of humans.

Walking past sleeping sea lions we headed over to the beach where some were "playing" - biting each other – we never played that game! We ventured down a hill, and were chased by one which was scary! Got some great photos though !

Back up the beach, more penguins, and then back up the hill to the top where we went to the other side to the fur seal beach. We were about 20 feet above them. They were so cute – all Mums and pups. I would say there were at least 5 - 600lb fur seals on the rocky coast below us – what an amazing sight!


I can’t get enough of the wildlife !


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