It was absolutely fantastic and the places you suggested and booked for us were great.
Brenda M
New Zealand
by The Travel Group
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A new Te Puia experience, Steambox, is giving visitors a taste of the past.  Steambox utilizes a favourite Nga Wha (Steam vent) Puapua, which is located in the geothermal area that is a backdrop to the famous Pohutu Geyser.  Visitors choose what they want cooked for their lunch before heading off on a special guided tour of Te Puia.  This begins with an interactive session learning to weave a flower and a tour of the carving and weaving schools.  Heading down into the geothermal valley, to the Kiwi house, mudpools and hot springs, the tour concludes when, after watching their lunch lifted from the Nga Wha, guests sit and enjoy a steam box picnic lunch on the geyser terrace. Click here for website


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Te Puia is the premier Māori cultural centre in New Zealand - a place of gushing waters, steaming vents, boiling mud pools and spectacular geysers. Our Māori tradition lives on at Te Whakarewarewa, with our guided tours and attractions, our Māori culture, and our National Carving and Weaving Schools of New Zealand.