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Ellie L.
by The Travel Group
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Fatu Hiva


The word tattoo originated in Polynesia, and its best artists come from Fatu Hiva.
You can still see local tribes with head-to-toe tattoos on Fatu Hiva.
The art form, which tells the mythology of the South Pacific islands, is experiencing a resurgence there today.
Fatu Hiva also offers gorgeous wilderness typical of the Marquesas.
Trekking through the lush but hot jungles of the islands and narrow valleys isn't for the inexperienced, but it's worth the journey.


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Captain James Cook brought the Polynesian art form to the West after he and other explorers were influenced by the tattoos they saw in the Marquesas, a group of volcanic islands in French Polynesia and one of the five administrative divisions in the archipelago. Read more