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Made in Tahiti
In these eden islands where Mother Nature is so generous, locals have mastered the technique of transforming every piece of wood, or stone into art, flowers into creative bouquets and leis, leaves into intricate woven hats, bags or mats.



Monoï, the Sacred Oil
Made from pure coconut oil infused with "Tiare" flowers, vanilla or sandalwood, the "monoï" is Tahitian women's beauty secret. It has become quite popular on the international scene for its moisturizing, antioxidant qualities, and its delicate aroma that transports you to the islands. In ancient times, this precious oil was used by priests to anoint newborns and purify objects. It is a great souvenir to bring home! Use it a moisturizer on your skin, a conditioner for your hair, and a few drops in your bath will leave your skin nice and soft.


Tahitian Vanilla
Born from the "Vanilla Tahitiensis", a hybrid between several types of vanilla, Tahitian vanilla is one of the most fragrant ones, sought after by many Chefs around the globe. Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron as it is truly labor intensive. Bring a few pods for cooking, baking, or let them soak in a bottle of rum. You may also leave a few pods in sugar or for the perfect wake-up in the morning, try coffee infused with vanilla!


Pareu (Polynesian sarong)

The "pareu" is the traditional outfit in The Islands of Tahiti. Either a hand-made, hand-dyed piece of fabric or now a more modern fabric printed with Tahitian flowers or symbols, use your "pareu" at the beach, back home to decorate a wall, or as a sofa throw. They are many ways to tie a "pareu" and there are even classes in resorts in the islands that will teach you the different techniques. It is an art!



The "tifaifai" or Tahitian patchwork comes from the English patchwork tradition. The technique was brought into the islands by the missionaries. Use as bed spreads or to decorate a wall, the "tifaifai" represents scenes of the daily life, or Polynesian symbols such as flowers, fruits, and trees. Originally there were fully hand-sewn. Nowadays, while some "mamas" still use their patience to put the piece together, younger generation use sewing machines.

Tahitian Cultured Pearls
These beautiful gems are one of the most popular souvenirs to bring back from Tahiti. They come all in all different colors, shapes and sizes. From a pendant to a whole strand of pearls, it is hard to resist but after all, there is no better place to get your Tahitian pearls. It is recommended to purchase them from reputable stores, guarantee of the quality of the pearls.



Made from pure coconut oil infused with "Tiare" flowers, vanilla or sandalwood, the "monoï" is Tahitian women's beauty secret. Read more.