Did you know: The name Okanagan (BC) comes from an Interior Salish word S-Ookanhkchix, which means to transport toward the head or top end.

River Cruising

Top 10 Cruise Itineraries

This article appeared in Yahoo Travel and I thought it was worth passing on to those of you who missed it.    
Top 10 Cruise Itineraries In 2012
By Elissa Richard | Yahoo!

River Cruising


Starting in 2014 both Uniworld and Viking started to cruise the Bordeaux region on the Dordogne, Garonne, and Gironde Rivers. This is my king of place: land of wine, oysters, truffles, and cognac. Maybe yours too?

River cruises match excellent value with sophisticated destinations. No wonder it's the fastest-growing sector in the travel world.