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The Aranui 5 is a Tahiti based passenger and freighter cruise offering unique trips from Tahiti to the Marquesas islands and Bora Bora.
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In recent years Moorea has been gaining on Bora Bora as the area's best honeymoon location.
Many argue it rivals Bora Bora for natural splendor. It has low mountains rising above wide meadows of grass and ferns, fields growing coffee, pineapple and sugarcane, and villages encircled by gardens of bright hibiscus.
It's a 30-minute catamaran ride from Tahiti.
The Intercontinental Moorea has its own dolphin center for an up-close swimming experience, as well as singular amenities like room service by canoe and a spa flower bath experience.

Bora Bora is called paradise for a reason. And visitors return home with the exact photos of the island's towering Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, the thatched roofs of over-water bungalows and a magenta sunset over the sparkling ocean. But there is a lot more to French Polynesia.