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Lovely couple dancing in Tikehau

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A couple dancing in Tikehau

White Tern Bird

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Baby White Tern Bird, Tikehau Tahiti
November 2012

Bird Island, Tahiti

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Bird Island, Tahiti

Tikehau for a motu picnic

I booked an excursion on Tikehau for a motu picnic. 2 fantastic things on this excursion was swimming with a manta ray which was unreal. I loved it, even though I did hold the guides hand. And bird island, only 3 of us were on this trip and it was amazing. Everyone who, goes to Tikehau needs to do this trip. We got really close to lots of chicks.

I didn't think it was possible to find another place more beautiful than Bora Bora until I got to Tikehau, stunning atolls, low isles, no hills, only sand bars, and coconut palms idyllic very quiet and still. It's a real paradise.

Watching the Sharks off Bird Island

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Annie is enjoying her time in Tahiti, and was lucky to visit Bird Island and see some sharks.

Here I am in paradise once again.

I wonder how it is possible to fall in love with a place all over again, all you have to do is to come to Tahiti again and again. It simply is the most beautiful place on earth. I have the best job in the whole world!

I am now in my lovely bungalow. There's a big king size bed, and a glass topped table, you can lift the lid and feed the fish from your room. There's also a glass panel next to the bathtub, so you can see the lagoon from the tub.  


Heaven on Earth

This trip Annie will be swimming with Manta Rays, not to be mistaken for their smaller cousin the Sting Ray.

Manta Rays are the largest rays, with wing spans of up to 30 feet and can weigh up to 3,000 pounds. They are also closely related to sharks.



Annie will be departing today, November 23rd to what she feels is Heaven on Earth ! Would you agree ?

Annie is off to Tahiti!

The Tahiti Tiare Program, is the official destination specialist program of Tahiti Tourisme North America. To become a certified specialist you much satisfy the following requirements:

1. Attend a Tahiti Tourisme Workshop.

2. Attend an intensive training session conducted by a Tahiti Partner.

3. Complete a familiarization trip to Tahiti.

4. Complete four bookings to Tahiti per year.

Being a Tahiti Tiare Specialist, there are a few requirements to keep up this statues. One of them is to make a long trip over to enjoy the sun of Tahiti each calendar year. Click on the picture to learn more about being a Tahiti Tiare, and of course some of Annie's spectacular pictures.



Tahiti with Annie