Did you know: The consumption of Coca-Cola in Iceland is higher per capita than in any other country. And there aren't any McDonald's Restaurants anywhere.

Colleen Maxwell
Communications Manager

Phone Number: (604) 681-6345

Bio: Chances are if you call us, Colleen's friendly voice will be the first thing you hear. Starting with The Travel Group as a receptionist, Colleen is now our events and social media manager. Her dual role is to keep our consultants in the loop about what's happening in the office and in the industry; and to keep our partners and clients engaged.  We like to say Colleen's real title is VP of Fun Stuff.  Born and raised in North Vancouver, Colleen joined The Travel Group in 2005. After working at Maxwell's, the family business, for 7 years she made the career change to this wacky business!

Favourite place: The Priory Hotel, located on the Frome River in beautiful Dorset England. Dating from the early 16th century, this old monastery has been transformed into to the most amazing hotel. The restaurant is the old wine cellar!

But it doesn't end there.  This girl really gets around!  Her recent trips include Swizerland and Iceland for the Longest Day of the year. Colleen love to be active while travelling, learning what the locals do. Like Dogsledding in the Yukon, camel riding in Morrocco or zip linning in Costa Rica! 

Hobbies: Colleen enjoys life and appreciates the little things. She loves cooking and entertaining with family and friends.  She loves painting and all things creative, practicing yoga, running and sometimes even a boot camp to really get her heart rate moving. She explores the incredible BC wilderness with walks, hikes, and kayaking in the summer, snowshoeing and skating in the winter.

Blogs: Adventures by The Travel Group. What's happening at The Travel Group when we are not working. Hiking or snow shoeing, kayaking or sporting events. The Travel Group likes to have fun together outside of the office ! Fundraising by The Travel Group. Fun-raising as it is called at The Travel Group, is what is done on a weekly basis with Friday Jean's day, as well as Friday Wine and Cheese, but so much more is done.

Travel tip: Pack things into your shoes, to give you more room. When your suite case is packed, take out a 2 things.


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