Did you know: With only about 3,000 people the Falkland Islands are home to approximately half-a million-sheep. Not surprisingly wool is a major export.


Thanks for making this trip possible! It was fantastic!

 Check out our video from Le Tahaa.


Ed and Shannon

Thank god for the travel group, where you can always hear a friendly voice on the phone.

Barney, Musicia, Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts

Written to President & CEO


I am compelled to write and tell you of my recent return, under duress, from Phoenix Arizona on March 21st and how it was facilitated by the Doctors of BC and The Travel Group.

My husband and I left for Phoenix on March 5 (before travel advisories) and had ret‎urn tickets on Westjet for March 23. On the night of March 15 we discovered via a friend and by reading the CBC news, that Westjet was suspending all international flights after March 22. The next day was spent trying to reach Westjet by phone and email to no avail. We also attempted to book flights home ourselves on another airline but although it took the Visa number as payment no electronic tickets were issued. We could not resolve this even with a trip to the airport- the system was overwhelmed!

The next day I called the Doctors of BC and told them who I was and that I was stranded in Phoenix and needed the number of a travel agent in Vancouver. Without missing a best the receptionist spoke with someone and gave me The Travel Group;s number. I called and spoke with Annie Smits and within an hour or so we were booked had tickets paid for seats selected - we were much relieved to say the least!

I would like to thank the receptionist who was so "receptive " and the Dr's of BC for being there when I needed them! I also want to thank and laud praises to Annie who was just terrific - and so good humored at such a difficult time. ( I do not ‎have the manager of Travel Group 's email or I would include them also, so Annie gets the credit she deserves) please pass this on!

Thank you again!

Christine Wilson, MD, Doctors of BC

 Just don’t know what we’d do without you!

Makki Manzano, Macdonald Communities Limited

"After 45 plus years in the music business and after working with countless travel agencies and travel agents I can now say that I have found the agency and agent that makes me feel like I'm talking to home. Comfortable, friendly, and upbeat come to mind when I think of working with Annie at the Travel Group (and all the others agents I have worked with there). I can trust that I will always get the best available price the best scheduled flight and the right hotel and van for my needs. My calls and e-mails are always answered promptly. I can say that I get through to Annie almost 100% of the time that I call. All the people that I have worked with at the Travel Group (especially Annie) have gone the extra mile for me and it is appreciated. I understand that in these changing times of air travel what was good or allowed yesterday might be bad and gone today and Annie walks me through these changes with great care. I would highly recommend the Travel Group to anyone for all business and personal travel arrangements."

Brian Smith, Singer, Guitarist, Trooper
February 17, 2009
"I have dealt with Annie Smits and her colleagues at The Travel Group for the past 10 years for both business and pleasure travel.  On the business side, Annie has been terrific, delivering exactly what I need.  I have 100% confidence that she will book the optimal flights and accommodation based on my priorities.  Most importantly, when I am in a jam (cancelled flights, change of plans, etc.), she is instantly accessible to help me out.  On the pleasure side, the folks at The Travel Group are very willing to do the ground work to plan the ideal vacation.  They are extremely patient and accommodating when I change my mind again and again about where I want to go.  I would highly recommend Annie Smits and The Travel Group for both personal and pleasure travel arrangements."


David B., Jim Pattison Group
February 19, 2010
"If Marco Polo were alive today, he would call you to book all his travel."
William W, Sydney, Australia
February 19, 2010

"I didn’t know what I was looking for in a travel agent until I met Annie. My current position as an Office Manager requires me to arrange corporate travel for our 210 person software development studio. The requests often occur last minute, need immediate response and can change several times before and during the trip; Annie has always responded quickly and kindly to all my needs no matter how sudden and varied they may be. She keeps me on track and makes sure that I get what I need done. Annie helps me do my job and she makes me look good. She is readily available via email or telephone and if she is away, she makes sure that I am taken care of by an equally capable colleague. I would recommend Annie with confidence to anyone that needs a little extra care because honestly, who couldn’t use some extra care in this busy world?"

Sarah Tai, United Front Games
February 26, 2010

"I started working with The Travel Group and Annie Smits over 15 years ago. Being in the videogame industry, deadlines change constantly and as such, so do travel arrangements. Annie and the crew over at TG always accommodate and go above and beyond. I get such incredible service that I’ve recommended Annie to other studios and continue to use her exclusively in my personal travel even though I’ve been living in the US for over five years. She is not only my travel agent but a dear close friend. You will not get better and more knowledgeable service from anyone in the biz. Annie is well traveled, well versed and has a wickedly contagious sense of humour. I highly recommend Annie and the Travel Group for any and all of your travel needs."

Xenia Mul
February 26, 2010

My name is Barney Bentall. I am a recording artist who has to do a lot of traveling. Our band has worked with Annie and the Travel Group from the beginning. It has been a long and wonderful relationship. They are simply the best!

Barney Bentall, Singer, Musician, Legendary Hearts
May 27, 2010