Did you know: KLM is the worlds' oldest airline established in 1919. 

New Zealand

Like a travelling circus, the filming of The Hobbit

With much anticipating "The Hobbit" is finally available to see! Filmed in the amazing New Zealand sometimes in places where the actors didn’t even know where, visiting places like Mount Cook, as well as a town called Paradise. Learn a little more about the beautiful location of New Zealand where the movie was filmed. "The Hobbit"

"Peter’s location scouts and Peter himself in a helicopter found some very remote places. To found something that was absolutely perfect."

Off the Beaten Track

Off the Beaten Track down South
On one of my trips back to New Zealand I decided to visit Stewart Island as I had never been there even though I grew up in Invercargill! I’m talking about way down South here now, for those of you who a

One of Marie's trips back to New Zealand was heading to Stewart Island. It is way down South for those of you not familiar with New Zealand, you can visit for a day or spend a couple of nights in a Bed & Breakfast.