Our official name is "1987 The Travel Group Ltd."  The original agency was called TFC Tours, which specialized in travel to southern Africa.  This was a multi-national company founded in the 1970s, with branches in Johannesburg, London, and Vancouver.   We purchased the Vancouver office in 1987 and changed the name to The Travel Group.

New Zealand

Happy feet

The best day ever !

I got to get up close and personal with the rare yellow eyed penguins (the rarest in the world) on the Otago Peninsula on the South Island of New Zealand.

Want to see some really HAPPY Feet? (video). I got up close and personal with the rare yellow eyed penguins Learn more.  


Lord of the Rings fans



Call me, Annie Smits to plan your own adventure, and meet the friendliest people on Earth, and Middle Earth!

Hey, all you Lord of the Rings fans, adventure travel seekers, check out this safety video from Air New Zealand. Click here