Did you know: Pitcairn Island (Polynesia) is the smallest island with country status.  It is just 1.75 square miles (4.53 sq. km.)


The trip was wonderful.  Tahiti is such a beautiful place! It was really the perfect place to go for a honeymoon! 
We were so happy that we decided to stay in the overwater bungalows the whole time  The water in Moorea was incredible - it was like our very own giant aquarium! We saw fish that I didn't even know existed - everything from Titan Triggerfish to puffer fish, all kinds of rays and sharks - it was amazing.  The hotel room at the Hilton in Moorea was beautiful - we were blown away! 
Our flight to Bora Bora, and all the transfers went great. I'm so glad we had all the vouchers, and instructions - really made everything very clear and easy!  Bora Bora was also absolutely incredible!! What an amazing place! The staff at that Hilton Bora Bora Nui were really great - very good service. 

Bloody Marys  was EXCELLENT! Such a fun place - I could have eaten there every night!  
Overall, the trip was wonderful. I think we should quit our jobs here, and go work at a hotel bar in Bora Bora forever :)  
Thank you SO MUCH for all the work you did organizing the trip for us - it made it so easy and smooth for us! 
Tiff & Andrew
November 19, 2010
We had an amazing time, and Bora Bora was more beautiful than we could have imagined. Weather was perfect the whole week- not a drop of rain during the day which made for very vibrant water colors. I think we had a 15 minute shower the first night, but that was it. Nice and windy, so it never felt hot at all. The Hilton was a fantastic resort, and I'm glad you recommended it. We ended up in #105, which had a great view of the main island of Bora Bora. Snorkeling under our bungalow was excellent, with a wide variety of fish. There was also lots of coral in shallow water as you swam towards the pass- lots of smaller fish in this area. We saw an eel and 2 eagle rays pass by right under our bungalow one day.  I think the Hilton had the nicest location. We circled Bora Bora by boat twice, and the other resorts didn't look as private.
My mom enjoyed the trip so much (she says it was the best vacation of her life), she is already thinking of going back. She says the 6 nights passed by too fast. When we go back again, we will definitely include Moorea or another island.
Thanks again for organizing such a wonderful trip!
Edward Chen
April 5, 2011
Annie – we had an absolutely fabulous time. I cannot thank you enough for the awesome work you did for us in arranging our vacation. The hotels were great and we followed your recommendations for a number of things – enjoyed the market, loved Bloody Mary’s :0) The Hilton was marvelous and honestly – Bora Bora is simply the most beautiful place on earth; I had no idea it was possible for the ocean to be so many shades of turquoise. The snorkeling was fantastic – right off the deck of our villa – so much more goodness I could go on and on.
I have been thrown back into work like mad since my return yet I still walk around with a huge smile on my face. I have shared some experiences and pictures with friends and given your name as a recommendation to anyone who will listen.
Robyn Wallace and family, Capcom Game Studio Vancouver
April 7, 2011

Quick note to say I am so very excited and thank you so much for being so organized.  Lots of details were looked after that I wouldn’t have dreamed of!! It was great working with you and I hope you pass this email on to your boss.  I think other people should know what you’ve been up to. People are often vocal when the service sucks and don’t much make a remark if it’s great, let alone amazing!!!   

Laura W.
June 24, 2011


It is so nice to be back to dealing with your travel agency!

I had forgotten how nice and simple it is to have someone organizing my business travel for me.

Companies with no-agent policies are penny-wise and pound-foolish, wasting valuable management time by booking themselves, and having no experienced back up if problems arise.

Simon M., VP Marketing & Sales
November 9, 2011
We are back from our wonderful vacation in beautiful French Polynesian Islands.  And it was wonderful!
I just wanted to thank you for helping us plan our vacation.  I am grateful to you for convincing me to switch our hotel from the Four Seasons to the Hilton.  We really did love that resort.  The staff was helpful, the food was good (I don't know what people complain about on Trip Advisor), and our bungalow was amazing. They upgraded us and  put us in Bungalow 205 - which was right in front of the beach / bar.  We were very happy with that hotel.  The snorkelling was amazing.  I would wake up most mornings at 6 am, sit on the deck and read my book, go for a swim and get husband up for breaky
Moorea Pearl was nice.  I did get to do my lifetime dream of swimming with the dolphins.  LOVED IT! 
Friday we flew to Bora Bora.  And I fell in love.  It was a wonderful vacation, we loved our resort, and we loved everything about it.  We very rarely go back to the same place twice as we both think there are so many wonderful places to see in this world - but we have decided we will go back there. 
Again - thank you so much.
December 22, 2011

Thank you for all that you do for us. I appreciate it very much. You and your staff are the only travel company that I trust with my company's and my familys travel plans.  In the last decade you have exceeded my expectations absolutely every time I travel.

Mark Gildemeester, CMAF Grand Master Panel, Master Gee's Martial Arts Academy
January 17, 2012

Thanks for making this trip possible! It was fantastic! Check out our video from Le Tahaa.


Ed and Shannon
April 2, 2012
Our vacation was absolutely wonderful!! All the accommodations were excellent and well located.

Eurail Pass was great, no troubles. We really enjoy 1st class rail travel :)   There were no problems or glitches at all - hard to believe on a busy trip like this. I thank you so much for this, you take such great care to assure everything is done perfectly! We are so happy with both the trips you planned with us...we'll be coming back again in the future .                                              

June 29, 2012
It was the trip of a lifetime and any time we need a travel agent, you are it!  Not only that, anyone that we ever hear of that needs a travel agent, you are the name we give; and I have posted on Trip Advisor and on LocoGringo throwing out your name for the best travel agent ever.
Our trip would not have been near what it was without you, thank you again.
Tammie and Dave V.
August 30, 2012