Did you know: There are 37 bridges that cross the River Seine, France. The oldest is over 430 years old while the newest was constructed in the mid 1900s.

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Karin Dyck
Travel Consultant

Phone Number: (604) 681-6345

Bio: Karin’s travel career started early with a transatlantic cruise from Germany at a very young age when her family moved to Canada. Later, she chose a travel career to combine an interest in languages with a love for travel. She has worked in various aspects of the travel industry for more than 20 years. Karin has been a full-time travel consultant, reservation/customer agent as well as a training/product specialist with our industry’s preeminent Global Distribution System.

Places Visited: Most of Europe – with many visits to Germany, England, the Caribbean, Mexico, from Cairns to Sydney the east coast of Australia, many parts of the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, Hong Kong and Tokyo. In addition, she has visited numerous ports of call in the Caribbean, Alaska, North Pacific and Mexico through various cruise lines.  Places to visit next:  Cuba, Turkey, and Croatia.


Favourite Travel Memories:

·         Staying in a castle overlooking the Rhine River near the Lorelei
·         Driving through sunflower filled fields in Tuscany to San Gimignano, Italy
·         Taking the SkyRail above the Kuranda Rainforest in Australia
.    Getting caught in a crazy hailstorm near Notre Dame in Paris

Travel TipUse Google Maps Street View feature to “explore” the neighborhood of your hotel. Print a  a map of the surrounding streets before you go as it will come in handy upon arrival – to find your way or  even to help your (cab) driver locate your final destination. Also, take along a small notebook/journal to keep notes about your travel impressions, photos, expenses or whatever you want to remember.


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