Did you know: Vancouver's Stanley Park is 10% larger than New York's Central Park.

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McKenzie McMillan
Travel Consultant

Phone Number: (604) 605-5180

Bio: McKenzie is a rarity; in that he was actually born and raised in Vancouver! Over the past 10 years, McKenzie has been immersed in the travel industry, working as both a Travel Consultant and with an airline. And now he is a member of our team! McKenzie has a passion for travel, and loves challenges. "Bring 'em on", he says.

Favorite Destination: Buenos Aires – the romance and culture of Paris, with a splash of Latin flair, and - oh man - the food and wine are second to none!

Hobbies: Running, snowboarding, enjoying live music, travelling (obviously), spending time at the beach, and quality time with my friends, family, and partner in crime!

Blogs: Kenz The Travel Guy

Travel Tip: Take everything you normally wear or have in your pockets (watch, keys, change, necklace, etc.) and put them in your carry-on bag well before entering airport security. This will help to expedite your time in the line, prevent the possibility of anything being left behind, and will also impress everyone standing behind you!




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